Servers COD MW2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

GR Gm Server name IP:Port Server map Players Mod
1 codmw2 ZONE GAME MW2 HARD WAR RU mp_subbase 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
2 codmw2 WAR RU mp_afghan 4/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
3 codmw2 UltimateGungame Server v.4.1 RU Offline 0/18  
4 codmw2 :alkazawr2 hard: RU Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
5 codmw2 .:GOS:.[B3]TDM & High XP SI mp_afghan 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
6 codmw2 .:GOS:.[B3]Free-for-all & High XP SI mp_fuel2 1/18 Free-for-all
7 codmw2 Ultimate DROPZONE Server RU Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
8 codmw2 |v-W-v|SDServer ADV RU mp_overgrown 8/18 Search and Destroy
9 codmw2 WWW.RUSWARS.COM[52RUS]HARD#2 RU mp_favela 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
10 codmw2 LISICHANSK TDM mp_storm 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
11 codmw2 -={cool.GUGO.clan}=- MW2 FR Offline 0/16 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
12 codmw2 |v-W-v|WARServer ADV RU mp_vacant 1/18 Headquarters
13 codmw2 LISICHANSK FFA mp_bog_sh 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
14 codmw2 6apHayJI [TDM] mw2 24/7 RU mp_rust 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
15 codmw2 ZONE GAME MW2 |KILL CONFIRMED RU Offline 0/18 Headquarters
16 codmw2 ZONE GAME MW2 |DOMINATION RU Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
17 codmw2 Jackdaw 3 Rust 24/7 H/C GB mp_rust 1/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
18 codmw2 GOLD72RU [STARTVEL NORM 10000 XP] RU Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
19 codmw2 Serpuhov ZOMBIE Server RUSSIA RU Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]
20 codmw2 ZONE GAME MW2 PUBLIC RU Offline 0/18 Team Deathmatch [TDM]